Pay-per-click Ad Campaign

What is PPC Ad Campaign?

Search engines have become the default gateway to information online – Googling has even been recognized as a word in some dictionaries. While there are a plethora of search engines available, Google and Yahoo account for more than 70% of online search activity. If your company’s website can’t be readily found in these search engines, it might as well not be online.

PPC Ad Campaign is the process of creating catchy ad copies that attract the customers’ attention. It consists of organizing and developing a specific list of keywords to target potential customers, managing online advertising accounts and keyword biding, and monitoring visitor conversions and clicks.

PPC Ad Campaigns give small businesses an opportunity to effectively market their products and/or services and get the most out of their marketing budget.

Benefits of PPC Ad Campaign

  • Receive instant leads who are interested in buying your products or services
  • Drive traffic back to your website
  • Ability to adjust costs based on results and your advertising budget
  • Measurable results
  • Improve your ROI
  • Reduce advertising costs

What We Offer

We will do the preliminary keyword research to identify the most popular keywords related to your industry. We will then narrow it down to come up with a shorter list of keywords which are more targeted and have higher chances of converting into sales. Once we finalize the keywords, we’ll create the ads that your company will use for Google

After you approve the ads, we will help you determine the budget your company would be willing to spend on a monthly basis. Of course this amount can be adjusted at a later time depending on the first month’s result, though it is always a good idea to set some clear goals in the beginning of your pay-per-click campaign.

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