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Remote Staffing

What Is Remote Staffing?

Remote Staffing is the business practice of hiring skilled personnel who have the same level of expertise as a company’s in-house employees, but at a significantly reduced cost. Remote Staffing also provides businesses of all sizes the ability to augment virtual employees without dealing with office space and equipment issues. The reason why Remote Staffing has been gaining popularity in recent years is because it helps organizations achieve a competitive financial advantage in their respective markets.

Remote Staffing services may include short or long term contracts, full or part-time positions, and temporary or permanent placement. A remote staffing company may provide services ranging from telemarketing/telesales, virtual assistance, customer support, live chat support, and dozens

How It Works

    • Client

      What you need to know

      Kindly let us know what job positions you need to fill.

      Your project is supervised by an assigned Project Manager on a daily basis and weekly reports are sent to you at the end of every week.

      You are billed on a per month basis and you have the right to end the contract after one month with no obligation.

      We protect your Intellectual Property as if they belong to us.

    • Merritthouse Media

      What we will do for you

      We will forward your job requirement to one of our Recruiters who will be reviewing your project and finding the best candidate.

      We will assign a Project Manager to manage your project and supervise your remote staff.

      No need to risk getting into long-term contracts. Our Remote Staffing service goes on a per month basis.

      We eliminate the risks of Intellectual Property theft by confirming the Remote Staff’s real identities, backgrounds and addresses.

    • Remote Staff

      What to expect from our remote staff

      Our Remote Staff will begin work after we finalize the hiring and the remote staff completes their training.

      Our Remote Staff are required to submit their completed work to the Project Manager.

      Our Remote Staff are required to complete your project without any loss in the quality of work even if your project is only for a month. We do not place lower value on shorter projects.shorter projects.

      Our Remote Staff must agree and sign Terms and Conditions relating to your Intellectual Property so that if a breach in the contract is made, we are in the position to discipline the Remote Staff.

What Our Remote Staff Can Do:

  • Telesales/Telemarketing
  • Customer Support
  • Call Answering Service
  • Live Chat Support
  • Virtual Assistance
  • Technical Help Desk
  • Data Entry
  • Research
  • Administrative Support
  • And many more
  • Lead Generation

Benefits Of Remote Staffing

  • Save up to 70% of your payroll budget
  • Save up to 70% of your recruitment budget
  • Eliminate cost of providing onsite infrastruc
  • Access highly-skilled professionals eager to
  • Ability to replace/terminate staff within a
  • We manage your payroll, remote staff and
  • We can match your remote staff’s working

What we offers

Merritthouse Media has developed a low cost alternative system to assist clients in hiring the right staff to work remotely and effectively. What we offer is a low-cost human resource outsourcing solution to help small and midsize businesses significantly reduce their business’s operational costs.

Merritthouse Media will match the best available skills to your company’s important job requirements and even manage the entire project for you. For years, we have been the key staffing supplier to small businesses and corporations in North America. We strongly believe our years of experience in the remote staffing industry can liberate you from the mundane tasks of managing your staff and projects.

Got A Question?

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