Reputation Management

What is Reputation Management?

As more and more people rely on the internet to gather information, a person or a business becomes susceptible to public exposure—whether in a good or bad way. The problem is not the concept of online visibility, but rather the quality of the actual contents that are being made available on the internet about a person or a business.

Reputation Management is a practice that deals with creating, managing and controlling the flow of contents on the internet about an individual, a small business, or a corporation. An experienced Reputation Management firm actively monitors and manages your online reputation by suppressing inaccurate negative information about you to decrease its visibility from potential customers. Online Reputation Management is similar to the Search Engine Optimization strategies in some ways since their main objective is to increase a person or company’s Google ranking and to limit the amount of negative information found on the web. Reputation management specialists help companies take back their name and put it back in a positive light.

Benefits of Reputation Management

  • Create a positive image online for your personal profile or business
  • Push libellous statements and content farther down the search engine ranks
  • Control what is being said about you or your company
  • Regain your customers’ trust
  • Avoid letting your potential clients see negative contents about you

What We Offer

Merritthouse Media’s Reputation Management service comes to the rescue by managing the flow of information on the internet about its clients. Whether the issue is a libellous statement, a slanderous remark, or something that had happened in the past, we will work hard to bring you back in the positive light. That’s our promise!

We will bury those inaccurate, defamatory contents and populating the internet with positive, character-building contents about your company. And while it’s true that certain negative comments cannot be removed online, our reputation management experts can bury those slanderous contents on the far regions of Google. What we mean by this is that we will work hard to push those negative contents to a place where majority of us never bothers to look.

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